Imagine getting your media downloads on demand – with Tachus you can download HD movies, music and files in just seconds. Love online gaming? Then you’ll love almost zero latency and no lag. Get just that with Tachus fast & reliable fiber Internet.

We want to provide you with the fastest and most reliable fiber network available, simply put “Internet that Works.” Having access to fiber Internet opens a door of possibilities with streaming TV, symmetrical download and upload speeds, all built on a reliable fiber network.

Tachus’s fiber broadband is built on a 2000+ mile fiber backbone and we are the only provider in Houston offering a 100% fiber-optic connection for residential customers. Others promised – but only Tachus delivered.

How our process works:

Step #1

Register/Request Service

Help build interest in your community by registering today if your area is open, or request service and help build demand for your area.

Step #2

Area Under Construction

Registration phase has closed: we have met our interest goal! The installation fee has increased to $50 and construction typically begins within 3 months after we complete our registration phase.

Step #3

Area Construction Complete

The construction process is complete in your area. The cost of installation has increased to a $100 fee.

Why Tachus?

Simple Billing

No Hidden Fees

Weather Proof

Compare that to our competitors and you’ll soon see, when it comes to Internet – nobody does it better than Tachus.