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Referrals are a win-win

Whether you share your unique Tachus code or you’re coming as a referral, everyone scores a free month of service when becoming a member.

Unlimited Referrals

Spread the word about Tachus to friends, family, and neighbors because everyone deserves ultra-fast, ultra-reliable speeds.

  • Visit to find your unique referral code.
  • Copy the link and share it.
  • Your friends can check their area availability.
  • If we service their address, they can choose their plan. If our network is still being built in their area, they can become a VIP and have a free month waiting for them.
  • You both will receive a free month once they become a Tachus customer and schedule their install.

4.9 stars from over 3,000 people says it all

Google reviews 3,449 Google reviews
John Leas

Our home installer Tyler Gonzales was excellent! Very kind, knowledgeable and thorough throughout the entire process. An excellent example of great customer service! So far the Internet service has been excellent, even during a major storm when our previous provider would have been out of service.

Eric Stamey

Danny did a fantastic job on the installation. Put the router drop in the exact location that I requested and had the entire house up in running in a short period. Last he brought his own vacuum to clean up after himself. Excellent install and service.

Paul D

It's refreshing to have a pleasant installation experience for a change. Luvell was the technician who came and hooked everything up for us, as well as helped configure our own router. He was polite and very efficient! And he was early! The whole install took less than 45 minutes. I'll definitely be recommending Tachus to my neighbors and friends.

david gutierrez

These guys are awesome. My installer, Trace, was punctual, polite, and knowledgeable. I am 3 days in with the service and it has been great so far with speeds nearly what they’re advertised. Spend your money here with confidence.

Rickie Lanier

Trace did an amazing job with my install! Did an amazing job hiding the cable during the install and very informative. Thank you Tachus for sending us such a friendly and knowledgeable member of your team. So much better than Optimum on day 1! No regrets and basically the same price as Optimum with better speeds and the other members we've spoken with have been just as friendly! YOU WILL NOT REGRET THE SWITCH...

Referral Program FAQs

Referral Program FAQs

How does the referral program work?

It’s simple. Each Tachus customer has a unique referral link that is easy to share with friends and family. When they use your referral link and complete their installation, you BOTH get a FREE month of Tachus Fiber Internet. IT’S A WIN-WIN! Credits are automatically applied toward your next month’s bill once your friend is installed with Tachus. Check your portal to find your unique referral link AND check the status of the friends you have referred.

How do I share my referral link with friends?

We have made it simple to conveniently share your link on social media, via email, text—or however you would like! Here is how to invite friends from your computer or phone browser:
1. Log into your portal.
2. At the top of your portal, you’ll see a link with a share/copy button. You can copy and share this link wherever you’d like.
3. Click on the button on the right where it keeps track of the number of people you have referred.
4. Click the green “Copy Link” button to share your unique referral link and rack up free months of internet!

How do I see the status of my referrals and credits?

You can confirm who signed up with your referral link, and which referrals you have received credit for, by logging in and viewing your MyTachus portal and clicking on the referral button on the right.

As a reminder, your credit will be automatically applied to your next month’s bill after your friend completes their installation. Credit months will stack (Ex: If two friends use your link and complete installation, you will have two months of free Tachus Fiber Internet). Check out the referral statuses below to see how close you are to free internet!

Referral Program Status Names

Now Enjoying Tachus – Your friend has completed their installation and is now a Tachus customer, and you both got a free month of internet—woo-hoo! It will show up on your next month’s bill.

Install Scheduled – Your friend has scheduled an installation and is almost a Tachus customer! You will both get your free month of internet once they complete their installation.

Needs to Schedule – Your friend lives in an area with Tachus service but still needs to schedule their installation.

Reservation Made – Your friend lives in an area with Tachus service and has made a reservation. They just have to wait until construction is complete. (So close!)

Open for Reservation – Your friend lives in an area with Tachus service but has not yet made a reservation. Encourage them to make their VIP Reservation. They will get a free installation, too.

Out of Service Area – Oh no! Your friend does not live in an area that currently has Tachus service. Don’t worry—as soon as they do, you will both get a free month for referring them.

Why is my referral not showing in my Tachus portal?

Referrals only show up in your Tachus portal when someone has clicked on and used your unique referral link to register their address or sign up for service. As soon as your friend uses your link, you will see the referral displayed in your portal.

I was referred by a friend/family member. How do I make sure they get credit?

Wonderful! We love to hear it! Use your friend or family member’s unique referral link when you enter your address and sign up for Tachus. That friend will automatically be listed as your Referrer.

I forgot to use my friend's referral link, what should I do?

No worries! Give one of our friendly Texans a call at 832.791.1100. Let them know the name and address of the friend who referred you and we will update your account to reflect your referral.

When will I receive my credit?

To be eligible for referral credits, you should have already completed your Tachus installation. If you have done that, then referral credit will be added to your Tachus account as soon as your friend’s installation is also complete. If you are sure the above two criteria are true, but your credit has not appeared in your account, please visit to open a ticket and one of our friendly Texans can help you!

Is there a limit to how much referral credit I can earn?

Thanks for spreading the word about Tachus Fiber Internet. You can really stack up some free internet with this program—have at it! Just be sure to be a good neighbor with the program.