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Simplify your life

Tachus Smart WiFi is an all-in-one, smart WiFi platform that allows you to manage all aspects of your home WiFi experience. It’s worry-free WiFi with the most consistent connection that adapts to your needs. With the easy-to-use HomePass by Plume® App, you can manage and monitor your home network performance and connectivity for all of your devices.

Control is in your hands

Imagine controlling your entire smart home from your phone. That's exactly what the Plume HomePass® Mobile App allows you to do. With the app, you have the power to control everyone's access to devices and WiFi.



Flawless WiFi connectivity

Creates fast, reliable, and intelligent connectivity everywhere for everyone, allowing you to have WiFi that never drops out or loses strength.


Full access management

Full access management with parental controls and guest access, giving you full control of all your devices with ease.


Digital security

Worry-free browsing with protection against online threats and hackers.


Motion detection

With a few taps in the App settings, you can turn connected devices into motion sensors without the need of new hardware.

Fast, reliable WiFi is now an essential part of the home. From your phone, to your TV, to your security system, you need WiFi to do just about anything. That’s why we are providing Tachus Smart WiFi | Powered by Plume HomePass®.

discover 100% frustration-free internet in your area


WiFi Specific FAQs

What is a WiFi device?

A WiFi device provides a wireless Internet signal throughout your home so you can connect computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices to the internet. With Tachus Smart WiFi you get at least 2 WiFi devices that ensure a strong WiFi signal in all the different parts of your home.

Can I set up a guest or public WiFi Network?

Yes, as long as it follows our terms of service and Acceptable Use Policy.

Can I use my own WiFi system?

Yes. If you’re using your own WiFi system, please make sure that it fits the recommended specifications. Please note that the Tachus support team will not be able to support WiFi systems manufactured by third parties.

What is mesh WiFi?

A mesh WiFi system uses multiple access points to ensure consistent and strong WiFi coverage throughout your home by eliminating dead zones. It functions by allowing devices to seamlessly connect to the nearest access point for optimal performance.

What is a WiFi extender?

A WiFi extender is a device that amplifies your existing WiFi signal, extending its reach to areas with weak or no coverage. It picks up the original signal from your router and rebroadcasts it, helping to improve WiFi strength in farther parts of your home or office.

What devices can I connect to Tachus Smart WiFi?

All your WiFi-enabled devices, such as televisions, thermostats, security systems, voice assistants, door locks, and even your pup’s doggy cam.