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Tachus Fiber Internet for remote work

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Whether you’re fully remote or work on a hybrid schedule, our fiber-optic network will help you get the job done.

Fix your RBF

Resting Buffer Face has become an epidemic with more people working from home. Your upload speeds actually determine the quality and audio of your video calls. Adding an extra gig or more can help rid you of the unflattering frozen face mid presentation, pixelation, and audio cutting in and out.

man on laptop zoom meeting

Waiting is no longer part of your workflow

Symmetrical upload and download speeds and multi-gig internet plans save time and your sanity. Our fiber-optic network streamlines how you handle hefty data sets, work directly off a server, send large files to clients, and back up data to the cloud.

woman on laptop outside

Take the office wherever

Whether you're hustling solo or in a home where everyone's living the remote life, you deserve a reliable conncetion that has every corner covered. So pace away while taking a call. You won’t run into any dead spots.

Work From Home Wi-Fi

There’s plenty of bandwidth

When working from home, having high bandwidth internet is a must for everyone under your roof. From crystal-clear video calls and conferences with your team to lightning-fast file transfers, it keeps you connected and productive.


How do you get Tachus?

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If service is not available in your area, register anyway, and we will notify you when we reach your area.

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Let our techs hook you up with lightning-fast fiber internet, and never worry about your bill increasing again.

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