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In the wake of Hurricane Beryl, we stand with you and our communities. Our cabinets are all backed by natural gas generators and are fully operational. If your modem has power, we’ll be on the other end keeping you connected.

When power is restored at your home, you may need to restart your devices for connectivity. For tips on rebooting your router and modem once power is restored, check out our blog here.


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No one has time for crappy internet. With Tachus, everyone under your roof will enjoy 100% frustration-free internet. So go ahead and stream your favorite movies without interfering with grandma's gaming session as she crushes her online competition.

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100% frustration-free internet does exist. Check out how Tachus Fiber Internet is ultra-fast, ultra-reliable, and ultra-straightforward.

100% fiber fast

Symmetrical upload and download speeds means no more competing for a high-quality connection. Everyone can stream videos, download new games, or FaceTime friends at once.


Our job is connecting your home or business with ultra-fast, ultra-reliable internet with lifetime pricing. So why muddy that with taxes and fees, signing contracts, or capping your data? We wouldn’t.

Underground and Unbothered

Running entirely underground, our fiber-optic network minimizes hitches, glitches, and the risk of outages even during severe weather—which we’re oh so familiar with in Houston.

Homegrown support

Tachus Fiber Internet built for Texans by Texans. Local support and tech teams aren't only based in the Lone Star State – they're literally in your area to give you the best, fastest service.


High-speed internet for home and work

4.9 stars from over 3,000 people says it all

Google reviews 3,946 Google reviews
Emily Pham-Shirdon

We had an appointment with Tachus to set up the internet service at our new home. Mr. Jose L. was our technician for the day. He was on time, polite, informative and very professional. It only took him about an hour to service our home so it was very sufficient, after all he's been doing this for 24 years. We're very impressed and happy with our service. Highly recommended!

Richy Orozco

Initially, our entire street faced issues with Tachus internet installations. I scheduled my internet installation with Tachus, and they confirmed that it would be installed the same day the team was here. However, when the team arrived, they informed me that the installation couldn’t proceed because there was an obstruction under the driveway preventing them from running their lines. Despite this, Tachus, particularly Brandon the representative, showed an outstanding level of commitment to resolving all the issues. There was a one-day delay due to the builder digging up the wires, which wasn’t Tachus’ fault. Now, everything is working great. They even gave me a gift for the delays, which was a pleasant surprise. Overall, the company’s dedication to customer service is impeccable and impressive. I am completely happy and satisfied with the resolution and the quick connection of the internet at my home. Thank you, Tachus and Brandon, for your exceptional service.

alisha weems

Our installation technician, Patrick K he was very awesome! He arrived on time and explained everything to me that he was going to do, finished the install very quickly. When he was done installing everything He explained the different features on the app and even helped me setup very great customer service!

Denis Ramos

Danny assisted us and was very professional. Quick review on the install...The technician showed up exactly on time.He gave me a full explanation on what I needed and even showed me to set up the application Homepass. The install took no more than 30 mins and he was extremely thorough and quick. Def happy with this level of professionalism

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Danny showed up early after he called me the day of install. Danny went above and beyond and was a WONDERFUL tech and informant. He explained everything to us and taught us how to use the app. He was extremely professional and kind. 10/10

Unrivaled gaming and streaming

Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite shows or dominating online gaming, you deserve a smooth, consistent streaming experience, free from pixelation, buffering, or signal loss.

  • Higher bandwidth
  • Lightning-fast fiber speeds for amazing downloads, uploads, and game installation and updates
  • Higher ping rate
  • Ultra-low latency that’s less than 7.5 milliseconds
  • Unlimited data with no caps
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Proud Partner of The Houston Astros


Who hasn't been frustrated with their internet provider? Rising rates, tricky contracts, poor or no customer service, and lag issues are all valid reasons to be peeved. In 2018, Tachus Fiber Internet set out to change the game. It should be frustration-free, and that's been our mission since.

Today, Tachus Fiber Internet proudly serves over 42,000 homes and businesses across Texas. Our team is relentlessly working to break the cycle of frustrations customers have with the entire internet category. We believe in partnering with communities rather than merely servicing their home or business. Sure, fiber internet comes with reliably fast uploads and downloads, but it's about bringing neighborhoods into the future where their tech can help them reach goals and live their best lives.