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Our fiber-optic network leaves traditional internet in the dust by bringing everyone reliable, high speeds they can count on.

Shaking up internet standards   

Tachus was founded to be an answer to the frustration nearly everyone has when dealing with their internet providers. With dependable service, price transparency, and accountability, we're on a mission to change how the internet industry is perceived. You think your bill should be locked in without surprise increases. We do too. You feel calling customer support should connect you with someone local and helpful. We couldn't have said it better. The internet you pay for should work as fast and consistently as you expect, and we agree.


100% frustration-free internet does exist. Check out how Tachus Fiber Internet is ultra-fast, ultra-reliable, and ultra-straightforward.

100% Fiber Fast

Symmetrical upload and download speeds mean no more competing for a high-quality connection. Everyone can stream videos, download new games, or FaceTime friends at once.

  • Our 100% direct fiber connection runs directly to your home - unlike old school copper wires that run to multiple houses at once.
  • Fiber won't be bogged down with congestion. Peak times don't matter with Tachus' fiber fast technology, your internet should never slow down.
  • Send emails, download music, and stream videos all at the same time with Tachus' symmetrical speeds. Whether it's coming or going—it's always FAST.


Our job is connecting your home or business with ultra-fast, ultra-reliable internet with lifetime pricing. So why muddy that with taxes and fees, signing contracts, or capping your data? We wouldn't.

  • Price hikes are for our competitors. Why nickel and dime value customers? It's just not the Tachus way.
  • Contracts shouldn't bind you to a poor provider. We believe in doing the right thing and keeping customers satisfied without the binding contract or hassle.
  • Enjoy uncapped data, it's your internet so use as much as you want. You shouldn't be charged or have to worry about over usage. Game on!
Gaming no-lag Tachus Fiber Internet
Gaming High-Speed Internet

Underground and Unbothered

Running entirely underground, our fiber-optic network minimizes hitches, glitches, and the risk of outages even during severe weather-which we're oh so familiar with in Houston.

  • With our network buried below the level soil freezes at, you can worry less about hail, thunderstorms, and other Houston favorites disrupting your connection.
  • Generators keep our network up and running when Houston's weather takes out the local power. If your house has power, you have Tachus.
  • Fiber doesn't erode and weather like traditional copper cable lines. Fiber is future-proof despite what mother nature brings.

Homegrown Support

Tachus Fiber Internet built for Texans by Texans. Local support and tech teams aren't only based in the Lone Star State - they're literally in your area to give you the best, and fastest customer service.

  • No long hold times or music. Elevator music is so 90s.
  • No more waiting all day for a technician to show up. Our short appointment windows make it super convenient, so you can get back to streaming, working, or gaming.
  • No more talking in circles with customer service or robots.
  • Who likes talking to robots? Let one of our friendly Texans help you when you call us, 24/7 we are here for you.


4.9 stars from over 3,000 people says it all

Google reviews 3,981 Google reviews
Emily Pham-Shirdon

We had an appointment with Tachus to set up the internet service at our new home. Mr. Jose L. was our technician for the day. He was on time, polite, informative and very professional. It only took him about an hour to service our home so it was very sufficient, after all he's been doing this for 24 years. We're very impressed and happy with our service. Highly recommended!

alisha weems

Our installation technician, Patrick K he was very awesome! He arrived on time and explained everything to me that he was going to do, finished the install very quickly. When he was done installing everything He explained the different features on the app and even helped me setup very great customer service!

Richy Orozco

Initially, our entire street faced issues with Tachus internet installations. I scheduled my internet installation with Tachus, and they confirmed that it would be installed the same day the team was here. However, when the team arrived, they informed me that the installation couldn’t proceed because there was an obstruction under the driveway preventing them from running their lines. Despite this, Tachus, particularly Brandon the representative, showed an outstanding level of commitment to resolving all the issues. There was a one-day delay due to the builder digging up the wires, which wasn’t Tachus’ fault. Now, everything is working great. They even gave me a gift for the delays, which was a pleasant surprise. Overall, the company’s dedication to customer service is impeccable and impressive. I am completely happy and satisfied with the resolution and the quick connection of the internet at my home. Thank you, Tachus and Brandon, for your exceptional service.

Leave Now.

Danny showed up early after he called me the day of install. Danny went above and beyond and was a WONDERFUL tech and informant. He explained everything to us and taught us how to use the app. He was extremely professional and kind. 10/10

Curtis Hearon

David was awesome, fast install and he waited for me for a few minutes to get home. Tachus is definitely the fastest and most consistent internet around. I lost all my stuff in the flood and they came out and replaced everything. I’m a loyal customer for sure.