How to Lower Ping in 6 Quick Steps

June 19, 2024 | Blog

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What is Ping

Ping is the time it takes for a signal to be sent and received to and from a server. 

When you play an online game, every action you make is sent to the game server. The server updates what’s happening in the game and sends a signal back to your device. 

This process happens in a matter of milliseconds which is how your ping is measured.

What’s a Good Ping?

  • 10 – 25ms is ideal for gaming, video conferencing and streaming
  • 25 – 50ms is good ping and should provide a smooth experience
  • 50 – 100ms is decent but lag should be expected
  • 100ms and above is very high ping and will make gaming online difficult

High ping can lead to excessive lag, buffering and slowdowns for your internet. If you’re gaming, high ping can make the difference between landing that crucial shot or missing the mark entirely. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can lower your ping quickly. 

6 Steps to Lower Ping

Dealing with high ping can be frustrating, but there are some easy ways you can improve your experience fast!

  • Use a Wired Connection

Wired connections will always provide a faster and more secure connection than through WiFi. Wireless signals have a higher latency than direct, wired connections and are more prone to obstruction from household objects. Using a direct Ethernet cable is the easiest and most effective way to reduce your ping. 

  • Rearrange your Surroundings

If a direct ethernet connection isn’t possible, you can boost your WiFi signal by optimizing the space around your device and router. Set up your device to be as close to the router as possible and make sure that there are no obstructions between them. If you have a console inside a cabinet, try taking it out and putting it on an open shelf. 

Signal interference can also occur if your device is close to other electronic equipment, like a computer. Try to make space between your device and other electronics to help improve the connection.

  • Remove Devices from your Network

Increasing the bandwidth on your network can help improve the stability and performance of your connection. Temporarily remove certain devices like cellphones, smart TVs or laptops to increase bandwidth. This can help to improve ping and speeds for your devices that are still connected to the network. 

  • Change your Server

If you’re gaming online, you can oftentimes choose which server you want to connect to based on geographic region. Make sure you’re connected to the closest region available, since connecting to further regions will increase latency. 

Sometimes certain regions can be under heavy load during certain times of the day and the number of users currently online. So, in some cases, connecting to a server that’s a bit further away could potentially have more bandwidth and provide a stronger connection.

  • Optimize your Firewall Settings

Firewalls and Antiviruses check most data packets that come in and out of your home network. The time it takes for your firewall to complete this process can add to your latency. 

If you want to lower your ping while minimizing risk as much as possible, adding your game or program as an exception within your firewall settings will benefit you. 

  • Check your Equipment

Your internet connection will only be as fast as the devices that transmit or access it. Depending on the age of your equipment, it may be time for an upgrade. 

While checking your computer or device could help diagnose the issue, it’s good idea to check for signs you might need a new router. With a router provided by Tachus, you can experience fast, reliable, and worry-free WiFi for a consistent connection throughout your home!

Why is my Ping so High?

We’ve gone through some ways to help lower ping, but why is it so high in the first place?

High ping can be caused by poor connection, high bandwidth, faulty equipment or even your ISP. When it comes to figuring out the source of high ping, here’s a few additional steps you can take.

Check your Internet Speeds

Run a speed test and take note of your upload and download speeds.  While download speeds are usually what comes to mind when thinking about fast internet, good upload speeds are crucial for determining ping. 

If you’re gaming, every action you take is sent to the server and how fast that happens is determined by your upload speed. Most internet plans offer upload speed much slower than download, which can cause lag, high ping, and delays. 

With fiber internet, you can achieve symmetrical speeds, allowing you to upload and download at the same speed and at the same time! This massively reduces ping, lag and latency, giving you a smooth and responsive experience.

Check your Data Usage

If your ISP has a data cap, you might either be charged or have your speeds throttled when you hit your limit. Managing your data usage, especially on streaming services, can help make sure you’re within your limit and getting the speeds you pay for.

With Tachus Fiber Internet, you can game, stream or chat as much as you want with unlimited data. No caps, throttling or overages, just unlimited access, and a lifetime price.

Ping vs. Latency – What’s the Difference?

Ping and Latency are often used interchangeably, but they don’t necessarily mean the same thing.

Ping is the round-trip time it takes for an action to reach the server and for server to send a response. Latency is the one-way time it takes for a signal to travel from sender to receiver.

When latency is high, it increases your ping and makes for a choppy, unresponsive experience online. 

With Tachus, you won’t have to worry about latency affecting your performance. Compared to other ISPs, Tachus provides incredibly low latency. With an average latency of 7ms, Tachus gives you the competitive advantage to dominate your games. 

Say Goodbye to High Ping with Tachus Fiber Internet

Tachus Fiber internet is the premier choice for low ping internet. Whether you’re gaming, working from home or using the internet day-to-day, Tachus Fiber Internet provides the connection you need to keep your ping low and your connection strong!

Low Latency

Tachus provides lower latency than any of our competitors! Stay locked in without lag slowing you down.

Symmetrical Speeds

Download and upload blazing-fast at the same time! With incredibly fast upload speeds, your ping will be incredibly low, giving you a smooth experience online.

Direct Connection

Unlike other types of internet, Tachus Fiber is connected directly to your front door. No obstructions or signal interruptions slowing you down, just lightning-fast, dedicated speeds. 

High Bandwidth

No more taking other devices off the WiFi to ensure a stable connection. With enough bandwidth to support up to 90 devices at the same time, there’s enough internet to go around for everybody!

If you’re ready to leave high ping in the past, get connected with Tachus Fiber Internet today! Check your address to learn more.