How to Reboot your Tachus Modem and Router

July 11, 2024 | Blog

After events like a power outage, rebooting your Tachus modem and router can help solve potential connectivity issues and get you back online.

Ready to reboot your gear? Here’s how:

  1. Remove the power connection from both your modem and WiFi router.
  2. Wait 2 minutes and connect the power back to your modem (the larger black device with the thin fiber cord).
  3. After the modem completes power up, connect the power back to your WiFi router.
  4. Please allow 2 minutes for your WiFi router to complete start up process.
  5. If you are experiencing trouble only on a specific device (like a TV) that connects to your WiFi, also reboot that device after you have completed the steps above.
  6. If you continue to experience trouble with your Tachus internet service, please contact Tachus Customer Support via email.
  7. Otherwise, please call if necessary and we will support you as quickly as we can.

Using a Generator with Tachus Modem and Router

While a generator can help power essential utilities in your home, the energy output from certain generators may not be enough to fully power your Tachus Modem and Router. 

If you’re experiencing issues while running on a generator, first try to reboot your Tachus equipment to see if you can establish a connection. If the connection still fails, you may need to wait until commercial power is fully restored to your home. 

Full commercial power from your energy provider will provide sufficient electricity to restore your connection. Once your commercial power is restored, reboot your equipment and try to connect to the internet. If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact us via email or a phone call.

Contact Us

We want to assure you that our networks are up and fully operational. 

If you’re currently experiencing technical issues, create a support ticket and a service representative will contact you to provide a solution as soon as possible.

Our dedicated team is here to support you and ensure you stay connected, even during challenging times and natural disasters.